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March 17, 2016

For too long I have been wondering if I could better support therapists, coaches, nurse practitioners, mentors, and individuals through online training. I have looked into it number of times and quite frankly, I have not done it for the same reason many people don’t do things — fear of failure. Well, I can’t honestly work with my clients to try to get better and over come their fear of failing one more time around addictions, changing their diet, starting to exercise, or changing their job. If I don’t address my big fear not being everything to everyone. Another reason, I am going to just try online training is because I am bored with the should I or shouldn’t I. I am just going to do it and see what happens. I promise you, I will do my best. This will be far from perfect but I will learn and it will get better over time.

The other reason, I have not started on line training to provide you with information on how improved nutrition can improve fatigue, depression, anxiety, and sleep. Is that I don’t want to do it alone. But if you come along then I wont be alone. There will be a group of us who are just showing up and dialoging that sometimes our clients and patients are stuck not because they won’t do the emotional work in therapy or because they don’t have the right medications, but because their brain does not have the right resources to change. I see this all the time when the fatigue is better and the anxiety is down a little and people can predict it. They can better engage.

So, if you are interested. Here is the offer. I will do an online training on Friday April 8, May 13th, and June 10th at 8 to 9 AM PST. The cost will be $10 through PayPal. Every session you will get a handout to use with your clients. If you complete all three you will get a certificated of training.

If your are interested, please email me at and I will send you the agenda for the three on line class and sign you up for the email list for the class.

If you can’t make this class or are not sure that you have the bandwidth for a novice. Please check in on my new website I will be posting resources for you to use.

New Resources

Right out of college, I worked with adolesents in psychiatric crisis. People would ask me, if it was all kids were from homes with addictions or abuse. I said, ‘No’. The common thread for all the kids who were placed there, by state authorities, was that they rarely had a meal with an adult. I became a big fan of meals with family or community. It does not have to be everyday. Meals are a chance for adults to learn what is happening in the kids world and kids to learn about the adult world. Just talk about your day and ask and listen to what is happening in other people’s day. Here is a cool website about family meals. It gives tips and suggestions.

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