Dr. Kristen Allott, ND, L.Ac

The research is clear. Food and movement improve physical and mental health. I am passionate about translating that information into achievable and sustainable changes in the lives of my clients, patients, and audiences in order to help them reach their health care goals.

Prior to my training at Bastyr University, I worked in Vermont with adolescents in psychiatric crisis. As a residential counselor, it became clear to me that their food choices impacted their levels of anxiety, irritability, and depression. Additionally, their food choices often predicted their negative behavior within a two to three hour window. I was fascinated, and continued to study the physiology behind such observations.

As a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist, I bring three filters of understanding to the body, mind and spirit. First, I was trained much like a medical doctor to use the tools of diagnosis in order to identify diseases such as anemia, hypothyroidism and diabetes, which can feel like depression, fatigue, or anxiety.  Secondly, my training as a naturopathic physician enables me to understand the individual physiology causing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, overeating, and addictive behaviors. Thirdly, in utilizing the 2000 year old tradition of Chinese Medicine, I promote the integration of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes in order to facilitate healing.

In addition, I have trained such 1992 in the mindfulness practice of Aikido in the Shingu Lineage. I am the third generation of women teachers. As a fourth degree black belt under Kimberly Richardson Sensei, who is sixth degree black belt, it is our tradition to live an embodied life, one where we use the tools of mindfulness and practice to refine and polish what we most struggle with in our lives. The practice of aikido provides me with intimate understanding about how challenging it is to change one’s habits.  The practice of body-based mindfulness offers tools for harmonizing both external and internal conflict.


Clinically Relevant Experience

Founder, physician and acupuncturist

Dynamic Paths, 2004-Present, Seattle, WA

Dynamic Paths specializes in non-pharmaceutical interventions for depression, anxiety, addictions and post traumatic stress disorder. Additionally, Dr. Allott treats obesity as a cycle of shame and guilt and disordered physiology. She helps individuals regain health and find self compassion.

Sugar Addictions to Wellness

Dynamic Paths, 2006-Present, Seattle, WA

Annually, Dr. Allott teaches an educational group for women that provides information about the physical cause of food cravings as well as support for long term healthy weight stabilization.

Treating obesity as an overweight eating disorder and sugar addiction, Dr. Allott’s focus is to establish long term health improvement through individual appointments and groups, clients change the underlying behaviors, beliefs, and self-care routines.

Wellness Continuing Care
A Positive Alternative, 2005-Present Seattle, WA

A Positive Alternative is an outpatient addiction treatment center. With Catherine Trestrail, Dr. Allott developed a wellness group for women in recovery. The group goals are to provide education and support to improve physical and mental health as a foundation to long term recovery.

Student of Aikido, Sandan (Third Degree Black Belt, Dec 2007)

1992-Present, Burlington, VT and Seattle, WA

Aikido is not meant to be an abstract theory of spiritual values, but a practical training that strengthens your courage, your internal serenity, and your ability to relate to others. It is meant to change your mental attitude so that you do not revert to aggression and violence under stress, but instead continue to behave in a fashion that prevents or stops conflict. Aikido is meant to give you the courage of your convictions.
-Morihei Ueshiba, O’Sensei (Founder of Aikido)

Moments Outside the Office

Public Speaking and Teaching Experience

PESI Lecturer for Continuing Education


Dr. Allott lectures nationally on “Nutritional and Complimentary Treatment for Mental Health: Non-Pharmaceutical Strategies that Work!” Through PESI, continuing education is provided to mental health professionals and nurses.

Presentation Experience

2002-Present, Seattle, WA

Dr. Allott is an engaging and professional speaker focusing on increasing energy and mental clarity through food. Dr. Allott provides understandable and practical information, guiding her audiences to make achievable changes for immediate improvement in their lives.

Dr. Allott has spoken to these organizations in the Seattle Area.

Naturopathic Medicine Academic Adjunct Faculty

Bastyr University, 2003-2007

Courses: Jurisprudence, Ethics and Research Methods

Instructor of Beginner and Teen Aikido

Two Cranes Aikido, 2002-present, Seattle, WA

Kristen introduced students to the physical and mental principles of Aikido. She facilitated exercises that cultivated the students’ ability to find their center, have compassionate awareness of their mind and body, participate in relationships with self and others, and expand sense of connection to the universe.